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With new sponsorship models being developed, even further influence over content from the corporate side can be expected. Co-operating with Barnes & Nobel Booksellers, the bookish e-zine FEED for instance is in part relying on sponsoring. Whenever a specific title is mentioned in the editorial, a link is placed in the margin - under the heading "Commerce" - to an appropriate page on Barnes & Noble. Steve Johnson, editor of FEED, says "We do not take a cut of any merchandise sold through those links.", but admits that the e-zine does indirectly profit from putting those links there.

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Advertising Industry
-3   On-line Advertising and the Internet Content Industry
-2   Missing Labeling of Online Ads
-1   "Stealth Sites"
0   Sponsorship Models
+1   Product Placement
+2   Individualized Audience Targeting
+3   "Attention Brokerage"
RTMark and Adbusters at the WTO Conference in Seattle
Barnes and Noble
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