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  Report: Advertising Industry

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  "Stealth Sites"

"Stealth sites" account for a particular form of hidden advertisement. Stealth sites look like magazines, nicely designed and featuring articles on different topics, but in reality are set up for the sole purpose of featuring a certain companies products and services. "About Wines" for example is a well-done online magazine, featuring articles on food and travel and also publishes articles on wine, which surprisingly all happen to be from Seagram.

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Advertising Industry
-3   Actual Findings on Internet Advertising
-2   On-line Advertising and the Internet Content Industry
-1   Missing Labeling of Online Ads
0   "Stealth Sites"
+1   Sponsorship Models
+2   Product Placement
+3   Individualized Audience Targeting
RTMark and Adbusters at the WTO Conference in Seattle