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  Actual Findings on Internet Advertising

Although Web advertising becomes a significant portion of marketing budgets, advertisers are still unsure on how to unlock the potential of the Internet. Current findings show that:

- Consumer brands spend only a fraction of their advertising budget on on-line advertising.

- Technology companies spend five times more on advertising in the WWW.

- While banner campaigns are still popular, there is no standardized solution for on-line advertising.

- Ad pricing is based on CPM (costs per 1.000 visitors), rather than on results.

- Personalized targeting has not yet taken hold. Instead advertisers mainly target on content.

At the moment three dominant models are used for Internet advertising:

Destination Sites: They use entertainment, high production values and information to pull users in and bring them back again.

Micro Sites: Content sites or networks host small clusters of brand pages.

Banner Campaigns: Those include other forms of Web advertising like sponsorships.

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