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  GENEVA 2003
World-Information Special IP EDITION
World-Information.Org has produced a newspaper that has been distributed at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva in December 2003.

The aim of the infopaper was to alert the delegates and the participating public that current and future regulations and practices concerning intellectual property are among the most fundamental issues shaping the Information Society. At stake is whether the information order will be characterized by centralized control by a few transnational owners of IP claims with the majority of the population relegated to the status of passive consumers or excluded entirely; or by decentralized participation of the widest range of citizens around the world who have access to intellectual resources of production inside and outside the market system.

The paper brought together in a tangible, material format key texts that either highlight the danger of increasing the scope of intellectual prooperty rights or present alternative regimes to organize the management of intellectual resources such as the commons. Authors include David Bollier, Vandana Shiva, Yochai Benkler, Peter Drahos, Eben Moglen, Mercedes Bunz, Alan Toner, Volker Grassmuck, Peter Suber, Jeff Smith, Carolyn Deere, Frederick Noronha, James Love, Brian Holmes, Arun Mehta, Richard Stallman, Bureau d'Etudes and Ignacio Escolar.

All Texts (web+printable)
Paper as PDF (~1,5mb)
World-Info Flash on the issue

What participants said about WSIS.

On the morning of 10th December 2003, a 50 meter large transparent with the appeal "Save the Digital Ecology!" has been put up in Vienna.
Save the Digital Ecology

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