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Various Venues
1 October - 19 November 2005

“Writing on the Surface of the City"
Student Broadsheet Workshop by ALF and Sarai
Dates: 1/2 October
Time: 09:00 – 17:00
Venue: Mahiti

The Tactical Media Lab will focus on the interplay of form and content through the production of broadsheets. The workshop will move towards a conceptual understanding of tactical media – broadsheets in particular. A broadsheet as envisaged by us is a light, playful form that also allows engagement with serious concerns. The content for the broadsheets produced during the course of the workshop will be developed through interaction among the participants during the concept building phase. The issue that will be explored through various text and image forms will be ''information society''.

Urban agents / Hybrid spaces
With Eric Kluitenberg
Date: 19 November
Time: (tba)

Urban space has always been multilayered, contested space, and information space in that the ‘encounter with the unknown other', necessarily requires some form of symbolic mediation. The essential question that is at stake in the contestation of urban space is who is able to act, to what degree, and what the consequences of these action might be.
Today urban spaces become ever more layered, because of the increasing scale of the urban, because of processes of migration and cultural diversification. The proliferation of various types of communication and information networks in the city (telephone, internet, gsm, sms, wifi, gprs, umts, 4g) add further layers of complexity to the urban tapestry. Rather than attempting to capture this complexity in misleading dichotomies such as physical versus virtual, or place versus flows, a more versatile reading of this urban complexity is required.
Starting from the concept of hybrid space that investigates the intersection of the various physical, social, and technological networks in a givens space, I want to consider a series of projects that highlight the continuities and discontinuities between these different networks and throw up the question how it is possible to act ‘in public’ in this complex environment. The examples will range from artistic interventions and the aesthetics of hybrid space, issues of collective and private representation in public space, to activist interventions and the environmental hazards that accompany the hybridisation of urban space.

Sky Trajectories - an overview of Open Aerospace development strategies within the Project Atol / Makrolab Complex
With Marko Peljhan
Date: 19 November
Time: 11:00
Venue: CFD

The lecture will present the past and present strategies of the creative and engineering team and the implementation and utilisation schedule for the SPECTRAL SYSTEM and MAKROLAB projects. The utilisation of the systems for civil society and information warfare related purposes will be presented together with the long term strategy of the launch and exploatation of two micro-satellites with remote sensing, digital data communication and inter-satellite communication capabilities. Special emphasis will be given to the applicability of the projects in the context of the indian subcontinent and the cross platform tactical strategy that is an inherent part of their design.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Pact Systems

Connected-Programme (Presentation, Waag Society)
With Floor Van Spaendonck
Date: 19 November
Time: 15:00 – 16:00
Venue: Cubbon Park Auditorium

The presentation will focus on the Connected! LiveArt programme wherein Waag Society worked with several artists and communities on networked (connected) art. In the programme the collaboration and communities-building aspect was emphasized and also represented part of the research.

The programme had four nested components: Projects, Artists-in-Residence, Sentient Creatures Lecture Series and Anatomic, a weekly gathering of young media artists interested in networked composition.

Economy of the Commons
With Felix Stalder
Date: 19 November
Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Venue: Cubbon Park Auditorium

This workshop will focus on the heterogeneity of commons-based peer production. Taking software production as a starting point, we will examine the different actors – commercial companies, NGOs, academics and students, as well as individuals – who are able to sustain a common project (the development of a particular code base) despite the diverging, and possibly even conflicting, agendas they pursue by doing so.

Participants of this workshop will gain insight into the emerging economy of the commons, helping them to better devise strategies to act within it. Participants are encouraged to contribute their own experiences as actors on open source projects as the empirical reference points for the workshop.

Open Sound Workshops
Date: 15 – 18 November
Time: 09:00 – 18:00
Venue: CKS

1. Full Disclosure and Digital Art – Why Programming Matters
With Chris Kummerer

This workshop will demonstrate and introduce free software programmes. Some of them were designed specially for the demands of musicians and video-artists, whereas others – though highly useful for artistic production – were not developed with the digital/media artist in mind. The aim of this workshop is to show that in many cases open-source – in contrast to its commercial counterparts – is more useful when it comes to combining the potentialities of different programmes. We will further concentrate on technical skills, working with source code, communicating special demands to programmers, and especially on the implications of licensed software on the creative use of programmes.

Participants will be able to gather experience and skills with the introduced tools in a performance during the Closing Event of World-Information City. Additionally, a project developed in the workshop will be presented in the Closing Event.

2. Interactive Digital Audio Workshop
With Ralf Traunsteiner

In the centre of interest is “Pure Data” (Pd), oriented along the lines of graphics and objects, as means for the production of interactive audiovisuals in real time. Pd is an open-source software and will be provided on different platforms (Linux, OS-X, Win). Pd is a real time signal processing system with many extensions and interfaces supporting networking and interaction, which makes it an useful tool for experimental audio, multimedia and installation artists. Participants from India will be provided with a first overview on graphical DSP-Programming with Pd. After a short introduction to the basics of digital audio-signal-processing we will concentrate on the practice-oriented intermediation of production, improvisation and live presentation of electronic music.

Participants in the workshop will gather experience and skills in the field of networked multimedia performances during a joint “Pd-Network-Jam” presented in the Closing Event of World-Information City. Additionally a project developed in the workshop will be presented during the Closing Event.

With Parag Goel, Dinesh, Abhas and Edward Crompton
Dates: 14/15 November
Time: 9:00 – 18:00
Venue: Mahiti

The workshop has four main sessions.

1. FOSS for Desktops.
Parag Goel who manages the Evolution and OpenOffice projects at Novell,
India, will be conducting this session.

2. FOSS for Management Information Systems.
Dinesh from Servelots ( will conduct this session.

3. FOSS for Servers.
Abhas from DeeprootLinux ( will conduct this

4. FOSS for Open Publishing.
Edward Crompton from Mahiti will conduct this session.

Electronic Media Monitoring
With Marko Peljhan
Date: 15 November
Time: 18:00 – 20:00
Venue: Lady Jehangair Kothari Memorial Hall

Electronic Media Monitoring captures and analyses signals of global communication streams. The basic setup of the electronic media monitoring unit provides an all purpose scanning and electronic interception environment covering various bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electronic Media Monitoring targets satellite based media on the widest possible geographical basis, satellite based media programming, rx operations in UHF and L-band comsat areas, satellite tracking, VHF satellite rx-tx, video KU-band reception and analysis, experimental satcom project development and other forms of electronic communication.

01 Oktober 2005 - 02 Oktober 2005
Alternative Law Forum (IN)
Sarai Media Lab (IN)
New Media Initiative in Delhi
"Writing on the Surface of the City"

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