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RTMark is a group of culture jammers applying a brokerage-system that benefits from "limited liability" like any other corporation. Using this principle, RTMark supports the sabotage (informative alternation) of corporate products, from dolls and children's learning tools to electronic action games, by channeling funds from investors to workers. RTMark searches for solutions that go beyond public relations and defines its "bottom line" in improving culture. It seeks cultural and not financial profit.

Strategies and Policies

RTMark is engaged in a whole lot of projects, which are designed to lead to a positive social change. Projects with roughly similar intent, risk, or likelihood of accomplishment are grouped into "fund families", like for example "The Frontier Fund". This fund is dedicated to challenge naive, utopic visions of the "global village", focusing on the implications of allowing corporations and other multinational interests to operate free of social context.

RTMark pursues its projects through donations by individuals, which can invest in a certain fund, whereby an exact specification of how the donated money should be used can be made. RTMark has repeatedly gained attention through its projects, especially with its spoof websites, like the ones of Rudy Giuliani and the WTO, or its campaign against eToys, which prevents the Internet art group etoy from using the domain

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