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  c2o (Community Communications Online)

c2o, founded in 1997, provides consultancy, training and web hosting services to community-based organizations in the Australasian region. c2o's focus lies on addressing the issues and needs that have arisen from the transition from connectivity to information management.

Strategies and Policies

Content and Delivery: c2o focuses on the development and maintenance of content delivery services that assist in the publication and dissemination of information, particularly that of community interest including environment, social development, human rights and social justice.

Publishing Support: c2o designs online publishing systems that provide a means for user maintenance and tools that enhance an organizations existing information systems. c2o seeks seamless integration and user empowerment.

Asia-Pacific Networking: c2o supports networking initiatives throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. It promotes and encourages public and equitable access to networking technologies.

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