Report: Fact and opinion construction(think tanks)

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  Funding Sources and Revenues

While most progressive think tanks acquire their funding through many different sources, for conservative think tanks financing by corporations prevails. Among the think tanks receiving a considerable amount of corporate money are the Cato Institute (U.S. conservative/libertarian), the Brookings Institution (U.S. centrist), the Heritage Foundation (U.S. conservative), the American Enterprise Institute (U.S. conservative) and the Competitive Enterprise Institute (U.S. conservative).

Also, whereas the combined revenue base of such conservative multi-issue policy institutions as the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, Free Congress Research and Education Foundation, the Cato Institute, and Citizens for a Sound Economy exceeded US$ 77 million in 1995, the roughly equivalent U.S. progressive Institute for Policy Studies, the Economic Policy Institute, Citizens for Tax Justice, and the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities had only US$ 9 million at their collective disposal in 1995.

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Fact and opinion construction(think tanks)
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Institute for Policy Studies
IPS, based in Washington D.C. is a multi-issue, nationally focused think tank aiming at the promotion of economic redistribution, full employment, ecological restoration, democratic participation, community empowerment, and global nonviolence. IPS pursues its mission through the following eight strategies: activism; scholarship; public debate; political advocacy; model building; memory; training; and global alliances.