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  The Gulf War

By the end of our century a new method of disinformation is gaining importance: disinformation by an overflow of information.

In the Gulf War, similar to the Vietnam War, journalists had little chance to report neutrally and correctly from the battlefields. Many times they staid in places far from the actual fightings - due to censorship.
In many ways the so-called video-war reminded of a series of commercials. No wonder, the Gulf War was the first war to have a commercial advertisement agency to do the war-propaganda for the USA. They worked hard in preventing the government from a destiny like the one of the Vietnam War, when the war most of all was lost in the American homes because of anti-war propaganda.
In an interview, General Schwarzkopf admitted - still during the war - that a lot of information had been well-prepared disinformation.
And this is true for both sides:

the baby milk plant:
Western bombs had destroyed a chemical weapon factory - that's what they claimed. Saddam Hussein allowed reporters from CNN to visit the factory, hoping they would spread his propaganda. What they supposedly did, was spreading his disinformation, as long as they did not wonder that in the middle of nowhere the sign for the factory was written in English.
(Taylor, Munitions of the Mind, p. 292)

the life guard:
In December 1990, the French newspaper Nouvel Observateur published the story of Karim Abdallah al-Jabouri, Saddam Hussein's Life Guard who had fled from Iraq right after Iraq's invasion in Kuwait. Soon afterwards he was in a French TV-show, where he told atrocity stories about Saddam Hussein. The problem that emerged afterwards was that many people recognized him as a former student and employee of that TV-channel.

the baby-incubator-story of Najirah
On the 10th of October 1991 a young refugee, called Najirah, from Kuwait spoke in front of the U.S.-congress. With a lot of tears she told that she had been working in a Kuwaiti hospital, when Iraqi soldiers came in, tore the babies out of the incubators and let them die on the floor. The pictures of this declaration went around the world and were one of the reasons why the U.S.-population wanted an intervention. In 1992 the journalist R. MacArthur was able to proof that the presented witness had been the daughter of the Kuwait-ambassador in the USA and that she had not been in that hospital or in Kuwait at the mentioned time.
By then the war was over and the manipulation of the population had taken place long ago.

For reading about the U.S.-propaganda tools during that war, like surrender passes, balloons, fake banknotes, threats and many more visit:
http://www.btinternet.com/~rrnotes/psywarsoc/fleaf/gulfapp.htm (84)

http://www.fair.org/extra/best-of-extra/gulf-war-not-true.html (85)

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