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Founded in 1929 Disney primarily engages in child and adult entertainment. Starting with the production of animated motion-picture cartoons in the late 1940s Disney began to make also nature documentaries and live-action motion pictures, as well as short cartoons and live-action programs for television. In 1955 the company opened Disneyland, which was their first amusement park. Further openings of amusement parks in the U.S. and Europe followed. In 1996 Disney acquired Capital Cities/ABC Inc., which owned the ABC television network.

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The content industry
    The Concept of the Public Sphere
-3   The Big Five of Commercial Media
-2   AOL Time Warner
-1   Extract of AOL Time Warner’s Content Production and Distribution Holdings
0   Disney
+1   Extract of Disney’s Content Production and Distribution Holdings
+2   Problems of Media Concentration
+3   Convergence
Digital Commercial Content