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The following selection does not claim to present an exhaustive listing, but rather picks some of the company's most important assets. Due to the rapid developments in the world of media giants the list is also subject to changes.


ABC TV Network with 223 affiliated TV stations covering the entire U.S.

ABC Radio Network, with 2,900 affiliated stations throughout the U.S.

Owner of 9 VHF TV stations

Owner of 11 AM and 10 FM stations

Cable TV Systems and Channels/Networks

Disney Channel

80 % of ESPN cable TV channel and ESPN International

50 % of Lifetime cable TV channel


Disney Interactive - entertainment and educational computer software and video games, plus development of content for on-line services.

Partnership with 3 phone companies to provide video programming and interactive services.

ABC Online

TV Production, Movies, Video, Music

Disney Television Production studios and Walt Disney Pictures movie studio

Buena Vista Television production company

Buena Vista Home Video

Miramax and Touchstone movie production companies

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution and Buena Vista International, distributors for Disney and Touchstone movies

Walt Disney Records, and Hollywood Records


6 daily newspapers

About 40 weekly magazines, including: Discover, Women's Wear Daily, Los Angeles and Institutional Investor.

Chilton Publications

Guilford Publishing Co.

Hitchcock Publishing Co.

Theme Parks, Resorts, and Travel


Disney World and Disney World Resort

Part owner of Disneyland-Paris and Tokyo Disneyland

12 resort hotels

Disney Vacation Club

Cruise Lines

International TV, Film, and Broadcasting

50 % owner of Tele-München Fernseh GmbH & Co.

50 % owner of RTL Disney Fernseh GmbH & Co.

23 % owner of RTL 2 Fernseh GmbH & Co.

37,5 % owner of TM3 Fernseh GmbH & Co.

20-33 % stake in Eurosport network, Spanish Tesauro SA TV company, and Scandinavian Broadcasting System SA

20 % owner of TVA


Over 500 Disney Stores, and licensing of Disney products

The Mighty Ducks professional hockey team

25 % ownership of California Angels major league baseball team

Business Connections with Other Media Companies

Joint ventures, equity interests, or major arrangements with Bertelsmann, TCI, Hearst Corp., Kirch, and various other media and telephone companies.

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