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  Global hubs of the data body industry

While most data bunkers are restricted to particular areas or contexts, there are others which act as global data nodes. Companies such as EDS (Electronic Data Systems), Experian, First Data Corporation and Equifax operate globally and run giant databases containing personal information. They are the global hubs of the data body economy.


Sales in USD billions

Size of client database in million datasets







Fist Data Corporation





(not disclosed)

(Sales and database sizes, 1998)

The size of these data repositories is constantly growing, so it is only a matter of time when everybody living in the technologically saturated part of the world will be registered in one of these data bunkers.

Among these companies, EDS, founded by the former US presidential candidate Ross Perot, known for his right-wing views and direct language, is of particular importance. Not only is it the world's largest data body company, it is also secretive about the size of its client database - a figure disclosed by the other companies either in company publications or upon enquiry. After all, the size of such a data base makes a company more attractive for potential customers.

For many years, EDS has been surrounded by rumours concerning sinister involvement with intelligence agencies. Beyond the rumours, though, there are also facts. EDS has a special division for government services. EDS does business with all military agencies of the US, as well as law enforcement agencies, justice agencies, and many others. The company also maintains a separate division for military equipment In 1984, the company became a subsidiary of General Motors, itself a leading manufacturer of military and intelligence systems. EDS is listed by the Federation of American Scientist's intelligence resource program as contractor to US intelligence agencies, and prides itself, amongst other things, to respond to the "rise of the citizen as a consumer".

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Ross Perot
Ross Perot, founder of EDS, is one of the richtest individuals of the US, and former presidential candidate of the Reform Party. A staunch patriot, Perot has been know for his aggressive business practices as well as for his close relationships to the military and other US governmental bodies. Perot reached 19 % in the 1992 presidential elections, but dropped to less than 10 % in 1996.

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