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ZaMir.net started in 1992 trying to enable anti-war and human rights groups of former Yugoslavia to communicate with each other and co-ordinate their activities. Today there are an estimated 1,700 users in 5 different Bulletin Board Systems (Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Sarajevo and Pristiana). Za-mir Transnational Network (ZTN) offers e-mail and conferences/newsgroups. The ZTN has its own conferences, which are exchanged between the 5 BBS, and additionally offers more than 150 international conferences. ZTN aim is to help set up systems in other cities in the post-Yugoslav countries that have difficulty connecting to the rest of the world.


With the war in Yugoslavia anti-war and human rights groups of former Yugoslavia found it very difficult to organize and met huge problems to co-ordinate their activities due to immense communication difficulties. So in 1992 foreign peace groups together with Institutions in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade launched the Communications Aid project. Modems were distributed to peace and anti-war groups in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade and Sarajevo and a BBS (Bulletin Board System) installed.

As after spring 1992 no directs connections could be made they were done indirectly through Austria, Germany or Britain, which also enabled a connection with the worldwide networks of BBS's. Nationalist dictators therefore lost their power to prevent communication of their people. BBS were installed in Zagreb and Belgrade and connected to the APC Network and associated networks. Za-mir Transnational Network (ZTN) was born.

Strategies and Policies

With the help of ZaMir's e-mail network it have been possible to find and coordinate humanitarian aid for some of the many refugees of the war. It has become an important means of communication for humanitarian organizations working in the war region and sister organizations form other countries. It helps co-ordinate work of activists form different countries of former Yugoslavia, and it also helps to coordinate the search for volunteers to aid in war reconstruction. ZTN also helped facilitate exchange of information undistorted by government propaganda between Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia. Independent magazines like Arkzin (Croatia) and Vreme (Serbia) now publish electronic editions on ZTN.

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