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  Globalization as a modern Disinformation

Globalization is another disinformation we are not doing anything against; and it has a system. It pretends that the entire world is one, but in reality it seems that there exist various lifestyles, chosen or not, that do not connect to each other. The idea of globalization undermines the fight for one world as it suggests that this one world, where all fight for the same ideals and belong together, has already come into existence. We should rather doubt that it ever will.
The disinformation in this case has worked so perfectly that in the meantime even the profoundest skeptics seem to no longer doubt the existence of globalization.

Globalization of course is a very important part of modern mass-media, too. They associate. Through globalization the access to the news gets easier. People cannot only watch the national news but also others. And this means an opening, one would think. But as the media tend to associate their reports as well, homogenization of the messages is the consequence; disinformation?

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