Report: Disinformation and Democracy

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Through the internet a new form of vulnerability of governments is emerging. Hackers drive national and international governmental organizations crazy by changing their websites and offering disinfor-mation. Attacks of this kind happen several times a day and the technicians say there is nothing to stop them. The Pentagon is one of the most popular victims. In the year 1999 the number of hacker-invasions (a series of them is called The Moonlight Maze and was coming from the server of the Russian Academy of Science - a fact that does not proof much) to the Pentagon could rise up till 20.000. Normally it takes several hours to repair the pages - from the moment of realizing that some hackers have entered the zone.
The issue runs as a new form of terrorism. Laws are very strict and punishment high, a fact showing the fear of the authorities, as it is more than the disinformation campaigns that frightens them: Internationals Relations could be influenced.
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Disinformation and Democracy
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