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  The Secret Behind

The secret behind all this is the conception that nothing bad could ever be referred to the own nation. All the bad words belong to the enemy, whereas the "we" is the good one, the one who never is the aggressor but always defender, the savior - not only for ones own sake but also for the others, even if they never asked for it, like the German population during World War I and II.
The spiritualization of such thinking leads to the point that it gets nearly impossible to believe that this could be un-true, a fake. To imagine injustice committed by the own nation gets more and more difficult, the longer the tactic of this kind of propaganda goes on. U.S.-Americans voluntarily believe in its politics, believing also the USA works as the police of the world, defending the morally good against those who just do not have reached the same level of civilization until today.
To keep up this image, the enemy must be portrayed ugly and bad, like in fairy-tales, black-and-white-pictures. Any connection between oneself and the enemy must be erased and made impossible. In the case of Slobodan Milosevic or Saddam Hussein this meant to delete the positive contact of the last years from the consciousness of the population. Both had received a high amount of money and material help as long as they kept to the rules of the Western game. Later, when the image of the friend/confederate was destroyed, the contact had to be denied. The media, who had reported that help, no longer seemed to remember and did not write anything about that strange change of mind. And if any did, they were not really listened to, because people tend to hear what they want to hear. And who would want to hear that high amounts of his taxes had formerly gone to "a man" (this personification of the war to one single man is the next disinformation) who now is the demon in one's mind.

All of this is no invention of several politicians. Huge think tanks and different governmental organizations are standing behind that. Part of their work is to hide their own work, or to deny it.

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Slobodan Milosevic
Slobodan Milosevic (* 1941) is a Serbian political leader.
As a young man S. Milosevic joined the Communist Party, in 1984 the banker became head of the local Communist Party of Belgrade, in 1987 head of the Serb CP. Since 1989 he has been president of Serbia (since 1997 president of the new Federal Republic of Yugoslavia). During his reign the Yugoslav Republic broke up, bringing about the independence of Slovenia and Croatia and the war in Bosnia. In 1998 the Kosovo Crisis started.