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  The Theory of the Celestro-Centric World

In 1870 the U.S.-American C.R.Teed, inspired by the lecture of the bible and elder believers (like Edmund Halley in 1692), developed a new model of the world. In Germany the idea was published by Karl Neupert. In the 1930s the theory got famous, when it was published as the new world-vision. Though the theories differed slightly, all authors imagined the world as a ball, where human beings live inside. In the middle are the moon and the sun - and also God, sitting in the center.

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Those who believe in it, call it the truth, those who simply like the idea, may call it a parallel science. Others call it disinformation, asking for the reasons to spread it. The turning to the inside, where there is no way out, produces a different reality. It shows that realities are always produced.
Political conservatives and racists like Hitler were fascinated by the idea and tried to present it as a new truth, a new reality, which was possible to make ideological use of.

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