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  Report: Disinformation and Democracy

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Between the two World Wars the radio started becoming more and more important; as well in education (e.g. Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht) as for propaganda.
By hearing unconsciously, without listening, while concentrating on something else, it is easy to spread ideas and emotions. This fact was taken advantage of.
The German Minister for Propaganda, Josef Goebbels, imagined the radio to be the most effective tool for propaganda. In fact the radio turned out to be a method to reach all generations at the same time, even the illiterates. By sending propaganda music and interrupting programs for the latest news, mostly good ones, the radio became popular.
Radio Moscow, which started working in 1922, tried to intervene in innerstate-affairs in Britain as well as in other countries. The radio was supposed to push ahead the idea of communism.

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Disinformation and Democracy
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