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  The Inflation of Disinformation-Messages

A certain problem today is an inflation of disinformation-messages. If the people get used to them, it gets easier for them to detect the lies. In a way disinformation is a tool of social control, holding down revolutionary emotions and thoughts; but also the contrary can be true.
Disinformation spread on purpose can not only change thoughts but it might as well be able to transform history by changing the meaning and interpretation of past events.
Therefore confidence and authority play a special role. Without a certain degree of legitimization, disinformation will not work, as people need something to refer to when they get informed. Disinformation lives on the fact that one can hardly exist without trusting other people. Thus, the source to spread a disinformation with, has to be well elected. Choosing the wrong way/media can destroy an entire campaign

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Disinformation and Democracy
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0   The Inflation of Disinformation-Messages
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