"World-Information City": Billboards Bangalore 2005

In November 2005, "World-Information City" will be presented as the first "World-Information.Org" event outside of Europe, in the Indian IT-capital Bangalore. World-Information.Org is an ongoing cultural project, supported by the EU.

The event raises questions about the impact of new technologies on our societies: on daily life, work, culture, and politics, and also addresses the issue of how new information technologies are changing our ideas of urban life.

'World-Information City' is a joint effort of European and South Asian civil societies with a focus on cultures of Open Networks in technology driven information societies and on issues of Intellectual Property.

Starting a dialogue with lively media cultures and information landscapes which have emerged in South Asia in recent years, “World Information City” offers a dense programme of exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and projects in the public sphere.

Call for Billboard Designs in the Public Sphere

Wanted: Concepts for the design of large-size billboards supposed to carry the issues of “World-Information City’ into the public sphere of the urban space of Bangalore in November 20005. (poss. also posters, stickers etc.)

Theme of the Competition

What do stricter intellectual property laws mean for the public, for digital ecology, accessibility of knowledge, and also for the future of urban spaces?

Visible focal points in the cityscape are supposed to raise awareness for cultural, social, and political problems. The event hopes to communicate these topics to a wider audience via interventions in the public sphere of Bangalore.

Further information:


Submissions can ONLY be presented online and in English:

Only submissions from EU member states can be accepted!


2005/ 08/ 31

  • Konrad Becker, Netbase (Vienna/A)
  • Marina Grzinic (Ljubljana/SLO)
  • Lawrence Liang, Alternative Law Forum (Bangalore/IN)
  • Paul Keller, Waag Society (Amsterdam/NL)
  • Shuddhabaratha Sengupta, Sarai CSDS (Delhi/IN)
The selected design will be presented between November 14-20, 2005, in the public sphere of Bangalore.

Costs for the realisation of the draft, travel expenses, and a 1-week stay in Bangalore for participation in “World Information City” will be covered.



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