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"Die Politik der Infosphäre. World-Information.Org"
An introductory reader on the politics and culture of information

The book "Die Politik der Infosphäre. World-Information.Org" (in German language) is a representation of the research on the social and cultural implications of new information and communication technologies, carried out in the framework of the project World-Information.Org of the Vienna-based Institute for New Culture Technologies / t0.

In a stimulating and highly readable fashion, the individual chapters provide insights into the interrelations between social processes and information and communication technologies. Following introductions by renowned Sociology Professor Saskia Sassen and Konrad Becker, Director of World-Information.Org, the book is divided into seven main sections:

Global Networks: functioning and administration of global data networks
Global Markets: proprietary relationships, issues of regulation
Global Brainware: the dynamics of opinion-making
Global Content Channels: production and distribution of electronic content; public interest vs. commercial content
Global Info Rights: the conflict potential of ICTs, surveillance, disinformation, digital divide
Global Security: security and control technologies; data protection
Global Data Bodies: virtualization of social identity, informatization of the biosphere, abuse and marketing of personal data

"Die Politik der Infosphäre. World-Information.Org" was presentend at the Leipzig book fair (20 - 23 March, 2003) and was produced in cooperation with the Center for Civic Education, Berlin.

The publication is available for sale via the Center for Civic Education and Leske + Budrich publishers.


World-Information.Org is conducted under the patronage of UNESCO and consists of exhibitions, international conferences and online forums on the info sphere clustered around three main themes: politics and society (World-Infostructure), digital art and net culture (Future Heritage) and surveillance technologies (World-C4U). The project is actively supported by prominent scholars and artists from all over the world, as for example Echelon investigator Duncan Campbell, cyber sociologist Saskia Sassen, privacy campaigner Simon Davies, and media theorist Cees Hamelink, as well as experimental media artists such as the Critical Art Ensemble, Ingo Günther, and RTMark.

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