Andi Freeman (UK), Jason Skeet (UK)

<earshot> is an experimental software application developed by Andi Freeman and Jason Skeet. It explores, navigates and composes with sound from the World Wide Web. <earshot> plugs into the vast amount of sound that exists on the web - samples for download, embedded sounds, roll-over noises and audio streams. As an experimental browser, <earshot> crawls through web sites by following hypertext links searching for audio which can then be played and manipulated.

<earshot> does not push the user into a pre-determined experience, but offers randomness, chance and play. Completely disregarding any conventions of music software, the program starts to generate its own mix when not directed by the user. <earshot> combines new music culture techniques such as sampling, processing and mixing sound. It can be used both as an improvisational live performance and as a composition tool.

<earshot> can be downloaded from