RTmark (US)
Captain Euro versus Leonardo Finance

RTMark is a system of workers, ideas, and money whose function is to encourage the intelligent sabotage of mass-produced items. For more than five years, RTMark has been funding acts of sabotage with activist or aesthetic aims. The group succeeded in generating more than twenty clever acts of 'creative subversion' that were directed against Mattel ("Barbie Liberation Organization"), the World Trade Organization, Novartis or George W. Bush among others.

RTMark is essentially a matchmaker and bank: To connect ideas with money - or symbolic with financial capital -, the group runs RTMark's Mutual Funds, offering investments into a wide branch of activities ranging from labor and health to intellectual property and high risk investments.

To support sabotage projects and keep investors informed, RTMark produces videos, video news releases, press releases, presentations, and detailed information on the web.


Source: http://world-information.org/wio/program/objects/993057848