Association of Autonomous Astronauts (UK), Jason Skeet (UK)
International Space Station

The International Space Station is a website and an on-going, collectively developed initiative by the Association of Autonomous Astronauts (AAA), which poses fundamental questions about space exploration, and about the accessibility and use of space technology.

The International Space Station represents the culmination of the AAA's Five Year Plan. Launched in 1995, the AAA has established a worldwide network of groups dedicated to destroying monopoly on space travel, held by the states, corporations and the military. The Station brings together a diverse range of ideas and experiences explored by autonomous astronauts from around the world.

The website is divided into twelve zones, each zone being a specific environment that explores different aspects of space exploration and the possibilities opened up by autonomous orbital communities. From sex in zero gravity to three-sided football, from media invasions to information war, the International Space Station resists the idea that space exploration should replicate the same political, cultural, and economic conditions that currently prevail on planet Earth.