Institute for Applied Autonomy (US)
Graffiti Writer

Graffiti Writer is a tele-operated robot which employs a custom built array of spray cans to write linear text messages on the ground at a rate of 10 miles per hour. These messages are similar in form to dot matrix printer output, and are not intended to imitate human graffiti.

The IAA has identified the already emerging market of cultural insurrection as the most stable market in the years to come. IAA research has examined the primary behavior patterns of this market and is developing technologies that best serve the needs of the burgeoning market.

Contestational Robotics, aka "Robotic Objectors," is a research initiative of the IAA which inverts the traditional relationship between robots and authoritarian power structures by developing robots to meet thee needs and budgets of culturally resistant forces.

Its mission is to study the forces and structures which effect self-determination; to create cultural artifacts which address these forces; and to develop technologies which serve social and human needs.