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Synreal Virtual Combat

"Synreal Virtual Combat" is a virtual deathmatch-arena: goal oriented and highly competitive. But unlike other killing games, "Synreal Virtual Combat" was not created by commercial game developers, but by a group of net artists upon invitation by the Viennese Institute for New Culture Technologies / Public Netbase: "The Art in Mortal Combat".

The artistic approach to the development of "Synreal Virtual Combat" is a sculptural one. The three- dimensional game includes a variety of different rooms, connected by passage ways, lifts and stairways. Playing "Synreal Virtual Combat" is like exploring a sculptural territory.

Instead of extensively working on the dangers of being attacked or killed by aggressors, the creators opted for numerous dangerous spaces, threatening the player to fall off the edge or from a high place, and the creation of poetic objects that grow or multiply when shot at. Another special quality of "Synreal Virtual Combat" is its soundtrack. The game does not employ techno sounds but instead uses electronic sounds that the artists have sampled or produced themselves for a true experience of synaesthetic online multimedia.