The Black Helicopter

There is a linear development from the ancient flying dragon motives in Greek mythology to the Hi- tech helicopters of today. Here, the line of development splits: there are helicopters for civil aviation, for traffic control, and ambulance helicopters; there are hi-tech, weapon-carrying war machines such as "Cobra"; there are fully remote-controlled drones for espionage and intelligence service purposes; and finally, there are Black Helicopters, the nameless dark knights of the sky.

Often spotted in the United States, unmarked black helicopters of uncertain provenience have raised numerous rumors. Some assume that US Government Agencies are building new underground shelters against nuclear fallout or guess that black helicopters provide direct laser communication to secret satellites in orbit. Others suspect the government buzzing the country to find pockets of anti- governmental resistance among groups such as freemen, radical patriots or militias. Others see the United Nations in the background of helicopter operations, aiming for total control of the world:

"Quite simply, the Little Black Helicopters are aircraft used by the United Nations to prepare for a total Takeover" of the United States." (Quote from:

The fact that Black Helicopters are mostly sighted by the paranoid and racist as well as by assassination theorists does not necessarily have to mean that they do not exist...

Model of Helicopter: Type Cobra courtesy of HeliBrodnak