Access System
The Body and Biometrics

Simply speaking, modern biometrics is the fusion of the human body with its digitised equivalent. The features of the body can be measured, digitised and stored. New biometric technologies make it possible to create access controls that function without keys, identification documents or passwords.

Some of the features of the human body, such as fingerprints, the eye, and the voice, are unique to the individual. Biometrics, the digital measuring and screening of the body, allows the identification of individuals on the basis ofthese unique features. As a first step, a profile is created which contains a digitised sample of an iris scan, a fingerprint, etc. Then, the new biometric sample gathered at the point of identification is compared to the existing one.

Access to high security areas or the use of cash dispensers can easily be controlled through biometric technologies, without any magnetic strips or codes being required. Users provide a sample of their iris, voice or fingerprint which is compared to the existing one, and, in the case of a match, is granted access to the facility or the money. However, biometric access controls create data profiles which provide detailed information about an individual's habits and movements.