Control Technologies II

New Vision

Passive Millimeter Wave Imaging developed by the US Millitech corporation can scan people from up to 12 feet away and see through clothing to detect concealed items such as weapons, packages and other contraband. A three side very-low X ray system for human usage, in fixed sites such as prisons, is being developed by Nicolet Imaging Systems of San Diego.

Neural Network Bugs

Neural network bugs go one step further. Built like a small cockroach, as soon as the lights go out they can crawl to the best location for surveillance. In fact Japanese researchers have taken this idea one step further, controlling and manipulating real cockroaches by implanting microprocessors and electrodes in their bodies. The insects can be fitted with micro cameras and sensors to reach the places other bugs can't reach.


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Sonic Holograms and Silent Sound

"New Scientist" reported, that the American Technology Corporation (ATC) of Poway California has used what it calls acoustical heterodyning technology to target individuals in a crowd with infra-sound to pinpoint an individual 200-300 metres away. The system can also project sonic holograms which can conjure audio messages out of thin air so just one person hears.


"Perfect Sound from Thin Air" (New Scientist, 7 September 1996)