Control Technologies I

Steve Wright has compiled several non-lethal technologies that seem to have reached the stage of practical development.

Ultra-sound generators, which cause disorientation, vomiting and involuntary defecation, disturbing the ear system which controls balance and inducing nausea. The system, which uses two speakers, can target individuals in a crowd.

Visual stimulus and illusion techniques such as high intensity strobes, which pulse in the critical epileptic fit inducing flashing frequency and holograms used to project active camouflage.

Reduced energy kinetic weapons. Variants on the bean bag philosophy which ostensibly will result in no damage (similar claims were once made about plastic bullets).

New disabling agents that are calmative as well as sleep inducing and mixed with DMSO which enables the agent to quickly cross the skin barrier and an extensive range of pain causing, paralysing and foul-smelling area-denial chemicals.

Human capture nets which can be laced with chemical irritant or electrified to pack an extra disabling punch.

Lick 'em and stick 'em technology such as the Sandia National Laboratory's foam gun which expands to between 35-50 times its original volume.

Blinding laser weapons and Isotropic radiator shells which use superheated gaseous plasma to produce a dazzling burst of laser like light.

Thermal guns which incapacitate through a wall by raising body temperature to 107 degrees.

Magnetosphere guns that deliver what feels like a blow to the head.