PURE started producing electronic music in 1991 under the influence of the then innovative energy of techno releasing more than 20 vinyl records until 1997 when his focus changed onto more abstract and non-danceable music. In the last years he released CDs on labels like MEGO (A), STAALPLAAT (NL) and his own label DOC. In 2002 he was involved in the award winning installation project A SOPHISTICATED SOIREE.

He already played once in Belgrade, at the REX club in 2001. His projects for 2003 are: leading a workshop about "programming for artists" at the Statens Kunst Akademi in Oslo (Norway) in february, doing a one week artist-collaboration workshop in Rennes (France) in march, leading a workshop about "programming for artists" at TEKS Art Center in Trondheim (Norway) at the end of april and working on an installation for the festival TURNAMENT in Los Angeles in july. He is booked for shows in Berlin, Hamburg, Helsinki, Turku, Stockholm, Belgrade, Vilnius and others in the first half of this year. PURE is also teaching programming MAX/MSP/JITTER at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.


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