Zoran Todorović (YU)

The video work "Sum" (Noise) was recorded with an "opened camera" designed to bypass the usual connotations of a camera as instrument of public discourse, coded by the State and/or other political or economical centres of power, and thus motivated by this coding. This hybrid of a security camera and a street instant photo automate has been left on three different locations: on a Belgrade square, in a Belgrade psychiatric hospital and in one prison in Serbia, recording stories, messages and performances of those willing to use it. The three stages define the three parts of the film. Capturing the live voices of different social groups, especially the ones commonly considered as marginal, deviate etc. the usual system of representation and more precisely the concept of the representative, official interpreter, leader, journalist, expert etc... is addressed. Noise itself does not pretend to represent, rather to let out a murmur into the coded system of social representation, by offering each voice, including the lowest one, the opportunity to be heard.

Source: http://world-information.org/wio/program/objects/1048258112