Vladan Joler (YU)
Multi Consumer Trauma Experience

Human Testing Laboratory, Sim.c.exp v.1.3

MCTE is a software created by deconstructing the games Sims/Maxis/Electronic Arts. The original game represents a simulation of the consumer society and puts you in the position of its basic unit, the consumer. The player is directed to maintain a digital body and its primary functions in order to achieve the optimum which allows the evolution of his/her consumer power, yet disallows any kind of interaction with two digital human clones. It places the player in the position of an observer in a sort of sociological experiment, in which one observes the behavior of two characters in what is for them a very stressful environment, because they are deprived of all the trends in the consumer society.

Vladan Joler, MultiLevelMarketingAgent ,AntiCorp.Act., Game deconstructing, Game Constructing, Copying, Primitive Digital Life Forms, Low Tech, MIDI Music, C64, SoftwareExplorer, www.J01r.tk.

Source: http://world-information.org/wio/program/objects/1048255571