Darko Fritz (CR)
illegal immigrants dis.information

On-line project since April 2002

At low-fi list [http://www.low-fi.org.uk] is described: <We are lead into 'home' by repeated iconography of the home button from Netscape including a fantastic page where the icon has grown to a square meter. Once you get beyond the 'home' icon, this 'dis.informative' site about illegal immigration issues was built by '[mis]using TraceNoizer software'. This process renders pages which are less than helpful and a sort of representation of confused and second hand information. The project develops to question notions of home and displacement.> Powered by works by: Netscape Navigator, Jo van der Spek, TraceNoizer, Kein Mensch is Illegal illegal immigrants dis.information is part of Migrant Navigator project by Darko Fritz.


Source: http://world-information.org/wio/program/objects/1048255029