Eastwood (YU)

Explorer98 is a computer game that is based on two inseparable parts of today’s fun industry: on one side there are corporations that make computer games; and on the another there are platforms - operating systems - on which games are played. Explorer98 is a convergence of products of the world's largest software corporation Microsoft and one of the biggest studios of RTS (real time strategy) games, Westwood Studio. Explorer98 is a RTS game, but also includes several other genre elements of contemporary computer games like adventures or arcades.

Explorer98 uses the graphical interface of the Windows Explorer Browser that is a constitutive part of the Windows 98 operating system. The game units are from Westwood's Command & Conquer game series: Tiberian Sun. Symbolically, this game is played inside the very core of the Windows empire, the Windows Explorer that is the ultimate search engine in the Windows operating system. The player is always on the side of Windows, he/she must choose to be a hero of the Windows empire and fight against evil terrorists. There is no alternative. Explorer98 is part of the international Internet project 'Kingdom of Piracy'.

Eastwood is a group dedicated to the strategic research of relations between information technology and cultural practice.


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