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GLASNOST - transparency - consists of the stripping and diffusion of an enormous amount of data related to the private life of a strange couple. Two projects have been developed so far under this wider strategy. With the project life_sharing they opened up and made public all contents of their computers, transparent and accessible to the whole world through the Internet. Ideas, projects, archives, databases and even private mail are visible to everybody, who has no fear of getting lost in the huge labyrinth of data. Since the beginning of the project VOPOS they wear a GPS transmitter that, exchanging data with the satellites, transmits on their website, in real time, their exact position in the urban environment.

GLASNOST is complete digital transparency and a permanent self-surveillance system, exploring the contradictions of privacy in the era of information technology. GLASNOST mirrors the obsession of society with the collection and archiving of personal data.


Source: http://world-information.org/wio/program/objects/1037120557