Remote PC & Network Monitoring Services

Scenario # 1: Your twelve year old daughter is at home on her computer exchanging e-mail with someone who, she thinks, is a boy in the next town...

Scenario # 2: Your spouse is spending a lot of time in "chat" rooms

Scenario # 3: You're an absentee owner... What are your employees doing on your company computers?

Scenario # 4: You suspect someone is leaking your confidential company information via the internet...

Scenario # 5: One of your employees is downloading improper images via the internet to harrass female employees

Scenario # 6: Someone is sending harrassing e-mail via your company computers...

Scenario # 7: An employee was terminated and changed critical passwords...

Scenario # 8: You have branch offices in distant cities or overseas... Do you know what your employees are doing?

Scenario # 9: How do you prevent computer abuses by employees?

Scenario # 10: External contractors are working on your company computers... How do you protect yourself?

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Remote PC & Network Monitoring Services
Lost Password Recovery
Lost File Recovery
E-Mail Monitoring
Keystroke Monitoring
File & E-Mail Decryption
Tracking Criminal Activity OnLine
Electronic Document Discovery & Recovery
Identifying Internet Activity