Screening Room and Archive of Documentaries
In collaboration with Nova Cinema, Brussels

The documentary archive was compiled by the Nova Cinema and consists of selected films relating to the themes of corporate and state surveillance, terrorism, the internet, counter-information, media manipulation, industrial and military espionage, repression and propaganda. The selection features programmes by independent media activists as well as high-profile series and films.

In its three years of existence, the Nova Cinema, located in the heart of Brussels, has acquired international notoriety for it's alternative, unconventional and challenging approaches to cinema. It's staff of volunteers works around thematic lines and events favouring interdisciplinary encounters, debates, exhibitions, installations, performances and workshops.

Parallel to their "Open Screens", "Live Soundtracks" and "Midnight Screenings", the Nova collaborates on a regular basis with various international media activist associations.

Cinema Nova
T.&F. +322/ 511.24.77