Marko Peljhan (SI), Tomasz Sustar (SI), Ewen Chardronnet (FR)
Electronic Media Monitoring 2002
archival unit 3-2003

The Electronic Media Monitoring project has started during World-Information.Org 2000 in Brussels as the continuation of the makrolab media monitoring work and has since been developed in an active mobile media monitoring technological unit, operating primarily during makrolab setups and in various monitoring labs in diverse geographical areas. The main activities of Electronic Media Monitoring 2002 were the monitoring of satellite based media on the widest possible geographical basis, the archiving of satellite based media programming, rx operations in UHF and L-band comsat areas, satellite tracking, VHF satellite rx-tx, video KU-band reception and analysis, experimental satcom project development and joint European air space mapping. Currently, EMM display archival units are operating in Vienna and New York.
The Media Map developed by Bureau d’Etudes is an integral part of the EMM 2002 project research.

The Electronic Media Monitoring project is an integral part of makrolab -

Electronic Media Monitoring 2002 is a PACT Systems / Projekt Atol / Ellipse / Springer project.