Yes Men (US)
Breakaway Suits

Museum exhibits have recently been following a trend of modernization, in which assistance from the private sector is allowed to influence exhibit content, thus assuring the visitor not only the most up-to-date technology possible in an era of government downsizing, but also the most up-to-date content, ideas, philosophy, and directions for thinking in an era of industry advancement of the knowledge pursuits.

The New York Museum of Natural History has been a real bellwether in this regard. Its enormously popular 2001 exhibit on genetics ("The Genomic Revolution") was funded secretly by the Lounsbery Foundation, an originally innocuous organization now run by a tiny board of right-wing science-biotech people, and presided over by a man named Frederick Seitz, who has led the campaign to say global warming is invented, and who also heads the George C. Marshall Institute, an overtly right-wing pro-industry group funded by pharmaceutical and other large firms. (See this excellent article for more on that subject.)

The Yes Men wish very much to participate, in their own tiny way, in this modernization of exhibition and knowledge. Therefore, in a montage reminiscent of old-style natural-history exhibits--notably those showing the evolution of ape into man--we will show the evolution of commercial value production from now to the future, in order to clarify this evolution, and give it a visual immediacy that will enable the whole family, from the puling to the doddering, to understand the core directions of business today, so that they might invest--psychologically as well as financially--where the earning is best.