Grab Panel
Because Remote Jamming is a system, which allows more than one player at the same time, some coordination between the players is necessary. To play with the Remote Jamming System, every user needs to "reserve his acts".


The Grab Panel consists of four loop, two step sequencers, an external stream and four effect tracks. These eleven tracks are called the acts. Only one person at a time can use one act. You reserve your acts in the Grab Panel.


Each Act in the Grab Panel has its own Status Line, where the name of the user of the act, and the name of the used sample or the name of the effect is displayed.

reserve an act

To reserve an act, check the box on the left side of the Act Status Line. Your nickname will be displayed visible for all other users in the Status Line. This means that no one but you can use it. To release the act, click on the box again. Only acts whith no usernames displayed are available for your reservation

the rec toddle

With the Toddle named rec on the right side of each act status line, you can start and stop recording each act seperately. If the "rec"-toddle is red, you are recording, if it turns green, the recording is stopped and if it turns grey/white, this means, a new sample got loaded. To select a specific source for the recording, use the IO-Panel.

While you are recording the act is not playing the loaded sample, but is rather recording into sample´s buffer. The recording length is limited by the length of the sample, which is loaded in the Act. The recording is dismissed, when a new sample is loaded in the act.