System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 95/98, Linux or Freebsd. Windows 2000 and other Unix systems should also work, but are not tested yet.

Browser & MP3-Player: To participate you need a recent browser like Netscape Navigator 4.0, or Microsoft Internetexplorer 4.5 and a MP3-Player capable of playing MP3-Streams. For example Winamp for Windows or XMMS for Linux.

MP3-Player: The MP3 Player should be assigned in your browsers preferences to automatically open the playlist-file (audio/x-mpegurl).

Connectivity: The streams steadyness depends on your connection. Normally it should work with anything more powerful than a 56 k modem, but depending on your provider and connection, there might be interruptions.

Another important point for "realtime"-streaming ist the size of the internal buffer of the mp3-player. Open the settings-dialog of your winamp/xmms and try different buffer settings.

If you tried Remote Jamming in any other configuration please write to: