‘The right to disconnect’
by Arthur Elsenaar

November 23
Campaign ‘The right to disconnect’ by Arthur Elsenaar, presentation of and platform discussion

November 24
Launch Campaign ‘The right to disconnect’ by Arthur Elsenaar

BuBL-device is a device, a machine creating a GSM-free zone around the user. No GSM-traffic is possible in the near surroundings of the machine. With the use of the GSM-jammer people are free of phone-noise and impolite GSM behaviour.

BuBL-device is a very social device restoring the values of the old times. Do you dislike your fellow traveller telling the details of his love life- or other stories you rather not like to share in the public domain?
BuBL-device is technology that enables communication instead of supporting communication.
BuBL-device is the answer on the question for 'disconnectivity' and personal freedom.
BuBL-device is low tech, reliable.
BuBL-device is cheap.
At the same time you might ask yourself the following questions;
Why are new technologies introduced without a public debate?
Are you allowed to reclaim your own private undisturbed atmosphere?

Source: http://world-information.org/wio/program/events/1037209363/1037212898