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 BRISEL 2000



Prateće Aktivnosti

Works Movies

During the whole period of the exhibition a selected choice of films will be shown when no presentations or workshops are scheduled.

Necrocam by Ine Poppe, The Netherlands, 50 minutes

Necrocam is a movie about a webcam in a coffin- an idea of her son Zoro, a computerfreak. She is in the process of writing another teleplay about three women building a humanoid. Poppe won the Geneva-Europe Grand Prize for TV scenarios 2002 for the scenario of Necrocam.

WED 20 November 15.00h
FRI 22 November 15.00h
TUE 26 November 15.00h

Hippies from Hell by Ine Poppe, The Netherlands , 53 minutes

Dutch spoken, English subtitled documentary, 53 minutes Hippies from Hell are a group of hackers, techies, artists, writers and puzzlers. In the eighties they published hacker magazine Hacktic and in 1993 they started the first Dutch Internet-provider, xs4all, thus opening the Internet for the general public. Apart from this they throw wild parties and organize open-air hacker festivals, using the Internet as their social platform. On their mailing list they discuss almost every aspect of our technology infested society. In the film artists play with hardware, young hippies hack their school-calculators, lock pickers open locks without a key. Hacking is an attitude, an activity, a verb.

Ine Poppe works in Amsterdam as an artist, writer and director. As a journalist Poppe wrote extensively about digital culture, she also has researched and directed television documentaries and lectures on the arts and multimedia. Poppe also wrote scenarios for several computer games, in 2002 with Mirjam Vosmeer and Waag Society Teylers Adventure for Teylers Museum in Haarlem. More:

SUN 1 December 15.00h
TUE 3 December 15.00h
TUE 10 December 15.00h

What’s to be done? - a documentary series
EIKON-Sued Productions 2002

At the 2001 G8 summit in Genova, discontent with globalisation-as- usual once again burst into the open as activists alerted the general public to a multiplicity of new types of political, economic, social and cultural conflict. The documentary series “What’s to be done?” explores a new dynamic of democratic involvement and political intervention, searches for contemporary forms of solidarity and self-organization, and features innovative examples of linking the local and the global from across the world.

Every documentary returns to the question of perspective, strategy, and the organizational logic of the movement. Four thinkers – Michael Haardt, Toni Negri, Saskia Sassen and Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi- reflect on the question at the heart of the series: ”What is to be done?”

THU 21 November 15.00h
WED 4 December 15.00h
WED 11 December 15.00h
FRI 13 December 15.00h

A world to invent, documentary by Florian Schneider, Germany 2002, 40 minutes

Four leading thinkers reflect on the s-called anti-globalisation movement.

All in White - Tute Bianchi, documentary by Adonella Marena, Italy 2002, 30 minutes

Two influential Tute Bianchi activists analyse possibilities for political intervention in Italy today.

Deportation Class, documentary by Kirsten Esch, Germany, 30 minutes

A network of human rights organizes an anti-deportation campaign against a major airline.

The Unorganizeables, documentary by Florian Schneider, Germany 2002, 35 minutes

Three examples of creative workplace struggle in California, where a new wave of migrant activism is revitalizing union culture.

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