E-Lab (LV)

The E-Lab network is a pioneering electronic culture initiative based in Riga / Latvia. E-Lab is both a new media center and workplace as well as an art and music producer in the digital domain. Founded in 1996, E-Lab developed into the leading new media institution of Latvia. Besides organizing the very first Latvian conference on the upcoming Information Society, E-Lab's activists started to provide weekly evening seminars on various aspects of digital culture and the intertwinedness of culture and new technologies in 1997.

E-Lab is not only a mediator of digital culture, but also provides Latvian artists and cultural activists with access to the Internet and runs an independent web server devoted to net art and digital culture projects. Another field of E-Lab's activity is providing young Latvian musicians wishing to work with digital media with facilities, know how and technical infrastructure. As early adopters of web broadcasting, E-Lab quickly gained expertise in producing broadcasting via the Internet.


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