Apsolutno (YU)

Apsolutno is an independent association of artists, founded in Novi Sad (Yugoslavia) in 1993. The activities and productions of Apsolutno (the Serbian word for "absolutely") result from the collaboration of its four members, Zoran Pantelic, Dragan Rakic, Bojana Petric and Dragan Miletic. Starting in the field of fine arts, Apsolutno's activities gradually developed to also include aesthetic, cultural, social and political aspects. It is based on an interdisciplinary research into reality, aiming to open it to new readings.

Projects typically start with, and as a response to, a sociological, cultural or political stimulus from the immediate surroundings. Apsolutno frequently realizes projects in public spaces or in locations such as shipyards, bridges, cemeteries or borders. The artistic productions of the group are realized in various media: Apsolutno works with video, printed materials, installations, performances, audio, and web projects.


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