Future Heritage
Future Heritage presents the cultural heritage of the future and introduces works of artists experimenting and operating with information and communication technologies.

Artists have always been among the first to explore the potentials of new media and have used them as means to express their ideas. Some of these media and technologies - such as electronic information networks e.g. the Internet - actually have a military origin. But, by supporting the process of accepting and discovering new forms of communication and expression, artists have ultimately adapted these new media as bridges to public consciousness.

The artistic exploration of multimedia and the electronic domain has generated a shift in contemporary arts toward a digital, web-based, and interactive creation and distribution of art. Information itself has become a raw material of artistic production. In essence, artists have turned into "informers". Future Heritage, therefore, introduces artists who present the most important aspects, ideas and artistic experiments in the digital domain.

The digital electronic cultures - so rich, diverse and vital - represent a testimony of our time. A testimony that helps us to understand the complexity of life and cultural identities.

Digital art of today is the cultural heritage of tomorrow.