Brunsviga Calculator

The Brunsviga 13 RK calculator is one of the many machines based on the work of Willgodt Theophil Odhner, a Russian who patented the device in 1878. In 1892 Odhner sold his patent rights to Grimme, Natalis & Co. A.G. of Braunschweig, for sale in Germany and some neighboring countries. This company manufactured the Odhner-type calculators under the name Brunsviga, and later took on the name of the product. 20,000 units were sold between 1892 and 1912. In 1959 Brunsviga was merged with Olympia Werke (a typewriters producer).

The 1950s Brunsviga 13 RK was able to perform the four fundamental arithmetic operations - addition, substraction, multiplication and division. Its calculations were carried out through a combination of digit setting, carriage tabulation, operating handle rotation, value reading and cancellation. Unlike its predecessors, the Brunsviga 13 RK was able to transfer the result from the result register to the setting register (all mechanic).