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Volker Grassmuck (DE), Darius Cuplinskas (HU), Felix Stalder (AT/CH), Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm (NL), Steve Cisler (US), Steve Kurtz (US)
The Spectre of Intellectual Property Rights

The Spectre of Intellectual Property Rights examines the implications of new legislation in the field of Intellectual Property Rights Management, which has been developed especially to “take Intellectual Property Law into the digital era”. In the US the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA) has come under severe critique of advocates of public access to vital information resources, while in the EU a similar directive for the rights of authors in the digital domain has been accepted that is currently translated into national legislation by the EU member states. In both cases the new legislation threatens the celebrated open character of information networks such as the internet, and introduces an agenda of commodification that seems driven by short-term economic interests. Not only open content advocates and representatives of public information institutions such as libraries and museums voice their concern, also within the ranks of information law itself alternatives such as the Creative Commons have been proposed. The panel will explore the viability of these alternatives that seek to promote an open and participatory knowledge space, which has tentatively been named The Digital Commons.