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13 06 2005 PERSBERICHT
Networks of Imagination
Strategies for Basic Rights and Open Networks

On June 20/ 21 2005, World-Information.Org will address questions of transformations of urban information landscapes in a two-day international conference at Architekturzentrum Wien, Vienna. Current practices, strategies, and interventions of informational agents will be discussed under the heading "Networks of Imagination. Global Information Landscapes and Urban Transformations in Asia". The event includes lectures, presentations, and video screenings.

According to World-Information.Org Director Konrad Becker, "Networks of Imagination is an important step within the EU-India-programme 'Towards a Culture of Open Networks', which forms the framework of a conference and exhibition to be held in Bangalore, India, in November 2005." Addressing a large local public, the event brings together European and Asian representatives from the fields of culture and information economy, in addition to the project’s international partner organisations. Netbase forms a network with Waag Society (Amsterdam, NL) und Sarai/CSDS (Delhi,IN).

"We are pleased about this opportunity to discuss important issues such as Open Source Civil Rights, the public sphere, and free software here in Vienna, adopting a non-European perspective." The culture project World-Information.Org was first presented under the patronage of UNESCO as part of the European Culture Capital 2000 at Brussels, and has subsequently been shown at Amsterdam, Beograd, Novi Sad, London, Berlin, Munich, and Helsinki. "The objective of this event at Architekturzentrum Wien is to exchange global strategies for the protection of basic digital rights and democratic network societies, with a particular focus on issues of urban development", Becker concluded.


"Networks of Imagination" event programme

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World-Information.Org was initiated by the Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0 and is a collaboration of a wide range of international experts, theoreticians and practitioners. Since the launch of the project under the patronage of UNESCO as a theme of the European Cultural Capital 2000 in Brussels, World-Information.Org staged its extensive exhibition and conference program in Vienna, Amsterdam, Belgrade, and Novi Sad and presented at various European cities like London, Berlin, Munich and Helsinki. World-Information.Org's services are designed to foster and protect the public sphere and discourse and focus on the issues of future heritage, digital ecology, and digital human rights.



"World-Information City" is offered as part of the EU-India-ECCP-Programme "Towards a Culture of Open Networks – a collaborative initiative on bridging information society in Europe and India through culture and communication".

Partner organizations include:

Sarai CSDS, Delhi

Waag Society, Amsterdam

The Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore

Mahiti, Bangalore

The Srishti School of Arts, Bangalore

+ local partners

"World-Information City" is realized with the financial support of the European Union (EU-India-ECCP-Programme), the City of Vienna - Department for Cultural Affairs, the Austrian Commission for UNESCO, the Open Society Institute (OSI), and Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe Institute) Bangalore.

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